Top 3 Best Fishing SUP Paddle Boards Reviewed in 2017

Top 3 Best Fishing SUP Paddle Boards Reviewed in 2017

If you’re anything like me, I grew up with a pole in my hand. So naturally when I first heard people were using their SUP board for fishing, I had to try it. Once I was able to get the hang of it, it changed my fishing game. Unlike a boat, canoe and kayak, the inflatable paddle board was extremely easy to transport and carry to destinations impossible to get to by boat or foot. Standing up also allowed me to visually see the fish and sneak up virtually silent.

SUP Fishing Pros

  • Easy to transport. Especially an inflatable fishing SUP
  • Standing allows for better visibility of fish
  • Virtually Silent
  • Discover new spots not accessible by boat or foot
  • Great core workout
  • Less expensive than a boat

Paddle board fishing does require some balance and practice, especially if you have never been paddle boarding prior. Otherwise, you and your fishing gear may be going for an unplanned swim! To aid in the prevention of this certain unfortunate catastrophe, purchasing one that is designed for SUP fishing is important. A fishing paddle board is generally wider and longer than most models. This is to improve balance and allow space for cargo. It is very common to see a tackle box, cooler and even a small foldable chair a top of a fishing paddle board.

Now there are quite a few fishing paddle boards out there, which can get a wee bit confusing when going to purchase a fishing SUP. I’ve put together a few different fishing paddle boards that I believe to be a great value and perform well as a fishing SUP. Check them out!

Tower Paddle Boards – Adventurer 2 – 10’4” iSUP

fishing sup reviewsThe Adventurer is one of the most versatile boards in Tower’s lineup. This board performs well in most any situation, which works out great for SUP fishing. This model is an inflatable paddle board, which I believe is a key feature to have in a great fishing SUP. This feature allows you to roll up the board into a small 1’ x 33” package and transport with ease.

The Adventurer is 10’4” long, 32” wide and 6” thick. These measurements make this board extremely sturdy and also allows for a nice big surface for a tackle box or cooler. The thickness of the board also provides excellent rigidity and can easily support a 200lb+ rider. If you aren’t familiar with the Tower brand, their key selling point is affordability and quality in one package, which makes it a great choice for anyone. Since this board is not specifically designed for fishing, the board shape will work great, but is not the best.


YOLO Angler Yak 11’10

yolo paddle board reviewIf you somehow aren’t familiar with the acronym “YOLO”, it stands for “you only live once”. And that’s exactly what YOLO board believes You only live once, so why not jump onto a stand up paddle board and have a good time? Yolo board is another premium brand that offers high quality boards. Their line up includes touring, racing, surf, inflatable and also one of the few companies that offer a model specifically designed for SUP fishing.

The Yolo Angler Yak is 11’10” long, 33” wide and 13” high. These dimension supply an extremely stable surface that’s perfect for fishing, especially if your balancing skills aren’t the best. The YOLO Angler yak is built from polyethylene, which makes it unlike most paddle boards. This provides a durable, multiuse platform perfect for fishing.

The Anger Yak fishing SUP comes with removable rod holders, cup holders and is long enough to hold a cooler and tackle box.


YOLO Fisher Kingfish 12’

YOLO Fisher KingfishThe Yolo Fisher Kingfish is perhaps the most luxurious and stable SUP fishing board out on the market. YOLO board new exactly what they were doing when they created this incredible piece of art. From the awesome graphics to the perfectly designed shape and deck, it’s bread for fishing.

The YOLO Fisher Kingfish is a 12’ long and an incredible 35” wide allowing for maximum stability out on the water, which is key for a fishing paddle board. It’s also built with a v-shaped hull that creates an extremely stable and quiet ride. Since this board is so huge, there is plenty of room for coolers, tackle boxes and even a small seat if you plan on fishing awhile. For added storage, they have also included nose and tail bungees to keep your items secure and out of the way. The cherry on top of this Sunday is a built in Go Pro mount to record the action.
If you’re looking for a premium fishing SUP, you’ve stumbled across one of the best in the game.



Since I live a ways from my fishing spot, I prefer something that is extremely portable. With that in mind I tend to lean towards the Tower Paddle Boards – Adventurer 2. However, it’s definitely not the best suited for SUP fishing when compared to the others.

  • If portability and affordability is your priority, get the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 10’4”
  • If affordability and design are your two main concerns, order a YOLO Angler Yak 11’
  • If you’re design and quality are top priority, you’ll be blown away by the YOLO Fisher KingFish 12’