Fanatic SUP Paddle Board Reviews for 2017

Fanatic SUP Paddle Board Reviews for 2017

Fanatic is currently one of the most well-known iconic boarding brands out there. If you’re even somewhat involved in the boarding community, odds are you have heard of Fanatic SUP. They are known as one of the most well respected pioneers in the game and have been designing and innovating since their humble beginnings in 1981. Let’s be honest, when working on perfecting an art form for over 35 years you are bound to get pretty darn close. In other words, no one knows how to create and design a board like the team over at Fanatic.

Fanatic has three main categories of boards, windsurfing, SUP and surf. Since you’re here for stand up paddle boards, we’ll just cover that category for now. Fanatic SUP has a total of 17 different models, 9 being inflatable and 8 being composite. This large selection of boards will allow you to really nail down exactly what you want no matter the type paddle boarding you’re into. This includes surfing, ocean and flat water racing, touring, windSUP, yoga and fitness, river SUP and of course several all around boards to choose from. They have even included a gigantic 17ft 7-person inflatable paddle board in their lineup!

Fanatic SUP is your brand if you’re looking for a premium board that has remarkable design and innovation qualities. Let’s take a look at some of their most popular best selling boards.

Fanatic SUP – Fly Air

Fanatic Fly Air Fit Inflatable SUP Paddleboard The Fly Air inflatable paddle board is one of the most popular boards from Fanatic SUP. This is due to its all-around design that makes it ideal for boarders of pretty much any skill level. The shape and size of the board makes it perfect for social and leisure paddle boarding but is still fully capable of hitting some smaller waves. The Fanatic SUP Fly Air will allow you to experience a little of each aspect of paddle boarding from surfing to fitness. If you’re new to paddle boarding and are unsure of exactly what to get, odds are this is it.

The Fly Air is available in 4 different sizing options: 9’ x 31” x 4.5”, 9’8 x 32” 4.5”, 10’4 x 33” x 5.5” and 10’8 x 34” x 5/5”. Even the largest model weighs just over 23lbs., so expect an ultra lightweight easy to carry board. The Fly Air comes with comfy diamond grooved SUP deck Pad and an awesome Wheely backpack for ridiculously effortless transportation. The Fanatic SUP Fly Air is a rare combination of durability, weight and performance while still maintaining an affordable price.


Fanatic SUP – Viper WindSUP

stand up paddleboardIf you’re unfamiliar with windSUPs, they are a cross between stand up paddle board and a windsurf board, which is where the name windSUP comes into play. Fanatic put in some serious time designing and creating the inflatable Viper Air and it certainly didn’t go unnoticed! The Viper WindSUP is the single most sought after windSUP board on the market because of its light and tough design that provides incredible stability out on the waves. If it’s a nice windy day, throw on the mast and go windsurfing. If it’s a nice sunny day with calm winds, pull off the mast and go paddle boarding!

The Viper Air is 9’9” long, 33.5” wide 6” thick and weighs just over 24lbs. making the perfect all-around size for windsurfing and paddle boarding. The Viper is outfitted with a comfy high grip footpad, towing eyelets, deck net and an easy carry handle. It also comes with a Fanatic brand Power Pump and a Wheely Backpack for easy transportation of the deflated board as well as accessories.

No question about it, if you are looking for a windSUP, this is the one.


Fanatic SUP – Fly Air Fit

fanatic yoga paddle boardFanatic has specifically designed this board to provide optimal performance for SUP yoga, Pilates, balance training and any other fitness activity. The Fly Air Fit is inflatable and measures 11’ long, 35” wide and 5.5” thick when inflated. These large dimensions provide optimal stability out on the water. If you’re looking for a SUP for fitness, this is perfect. If you’d like to learn more about SUP yoga and the Fly Air Fit, check out my page “SUP Yoga”.


Fanatic SUP – Stubby Air

fantatic paddleboardsThe Stubby air from Fanatic SUP is the ultimate wave-riding board and it’s inflatable! Serious SUP surfers tend to dismiss inflatable SUP surfboards, but those days are soon coming to an end. Fanatic has designed a new level of iSUP with extreme stability and responsiveness that is said to surpass any other brand of inflatable boards.

The Stubby Air measures in at 8’6” long, 29’5” wide, 5.4” thick and has a parallel rail design with a wide nose, double diamond tail and a standard 2+1 fin configuration. The deck of the Stubby Air has a comfy diamond grooved pad and also comes with a masfoot insert to convert the board into a windSUP! This model is bundled with a high quality Fanatic power pump and Wheely Backpack for effortless transportation!

This inflatable surf SUP is bound to cure any SUP surfers craving for a lightweight stable ride out on the waves. If you’d like to learn more about SUP surfing, check out my article on SUP Surfing!



Like my father has always said, “buy quality and only buy once” and that is certainly the case with Fanatic SUP. Don’t waste your money on cheap knock-offs that puncture, bend, scratch and break. Fanatic truly cares about their products and the quality that gets delivered their riders. If you’re in the market for a premium quality board that is still affordable, go with a Fanatic SUP.