Starboard SUP Paddle Boards Reviewed

Starboard SUP Paddle Boards Reviewed

Starboard SUP is quite possible the most popular paddle board brand on the face of this earth. It’s not just because they have some cool looking boards either, it’s because of the innovation and quality that goes into each and every one of their SUP boards. Being a heavy hitter since 1993, starboard is considered one of the pioneers of the sport and has developed several game changing technologies that other companies envy. One of the most notable technologies is their Carbon Sandwich design, which provides a lightweight, extra strength and perfectly flexible SUP.

Starboard has a huge lineup of SUP boards including, all around, SUP surf, SUP race, iSUP, windsup, SUP yoga, kids SUP and tons more. In addition to the SUP boards, Starboard has also developed high quality SUP paddles, SUP fins and accessories. If Starboard doesn’t have what you’re looking for, than you might want to change what you’re looking for!

Like I said, Starboard has tons of premium quality paddle boards, but let’s take a look at some of their most popular SUP boards.

All Around – Atlas

starboard paddle boards reviewStarboard’s All Around SUP is perhaps their most popular model and is the best choice for anyone that is looking for a quality cruising SUP that has great stability and is easy to use. If you’re new to the sport of paddle boarding, this may be your best bet. It provides the most stability out of any other board that Starboard offers and will still deliver some speed on the water.

The All Around – Atlas model is 12’ long, 33” wide and 4.6” thick and has a mono to double concave to V in the tail bottom shape and an easy rail. This board provides you with an extremely versatile board easy to ride board that is perfect for beginners. Starboard provides the Atlas in three different designs: inflatable, ASAP and Starshot. Starboard backs their all around SUP boards with a 1 years warranty.


SUP Surf – Element

The Element is personally one of my favorite boards that Starboard has designed. It’s a great solution for anyone looking for a surf SUP but would still like it to be able to perform great as an all around cruiser board. The element is also able to convert to a windSUP with the AST model. As I’m sure you can already tell, the Starboard Element is the king of versatility and in most cases will get the job done and do it well.

The Element comes 9’8” long, 30” wide and 4.1” thick. The bottom shape is a mono to double concave to V in the tail design, which provides excellent acceleration and carving performance. In addition to the awesome performance specs, the Element was also designed with head turning good looks that is sure to make all your friends jealous! As with all Starboard SUP boards, the Element comes with a 1-year warranty.


SUP Race – All Star

SUP racing is really where Starboard’s designs excel above all other brands of paddle boards. To prove their speed, Starboard racing SUP designs have taken home world championship and world cup winnings. So if you’re looking for a ridiculously fast board, you’re definitely in the right place! The All Star model is not necessarily their fastest model, but you could definitely say it’s fast enough for most circumstances. It still gives you a level of stability and maneuverability that some race boards just can’t deliver.

The All Star comes in two different lengths: 12’6” and 14’. You’re also able to decide how wide you would like your board, 23” through 28”. Remember, the slimmer the faster, but you trade in stability. This is a great board if you’re looking for something super fast but are stable able to paddle through choppy water and hit some ocean swell! As with all Starboard SUP boards, the All Star comes with a 1-year warranty.


iSUP – All Around

starboard isup reviewStarboard makes a huge variety of inflatable paddle boards that is sure to hit every kind of paddle boarder out there. Their ridiculous lineup of iSUP boards includes, racing iSUP, Explorer iSUP, all around iSUP, SUP fishing, SUP Yoga, river SUP and a gigantic 18’ x 60’ multi-person iSUP. When living far from the water and having to transport a board long distances, you’ll be glad you went with an inflatable SUP, trust me.

The Starboard All Around iSUP comes in a variety of models in all-different sizes ranging from 12’x 33” down to 10’ x 35”. The all-around iSUP is great choice because of their portability and stability so what’re you waiting for? Grab an inflatable SUP and start paddling!



wind supHave you always wanted to try windsurfing but are too scared to make the plunge into buying a windsurf board? Well this is the perfect option. It’s a paddle board that easily converts right into a WindSUP! Genius right? If you don’t feel like windsurfing or the wind is a little too light simply pull off the sail and grab a paddle! The WindSUP comes in two main models, inflatable and non-inflatable.

The WindSUP also comes in a 12 different models that vary in size and shape. The largest of the bunch measures in at 12’6”x 33”, while the smallest of the variety is just 9’x 30”. This is a great choice for anyone wanting the best of both worlds, paddle boarding and windsurfing. It also saves you from the hassle of trying to carry around two different boards. All of Starboards WindSUP boards carry a one year warranty.



Starboard makes tons of awesome premium quality paddle boards, in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. So my recommendation is to really make sure you know what you want before you make the order, but just know, anything you get from Starboard will be top notch quality. If you simply can’t quite make up your mind on which paddle board is right for you, I would suggest grabbing an inflatable all-around paddle board like the iSUP – All Around board. This will give you good performance in most areas. Now grab your board and start paddling!