Top 6 Best Sit On Top Kayaks 2017: SOT Kayak Reviews

Top 6 Best Sit On Top Kayaks 2017: SOT Kayak Reviews

Kayaking has become a very popular method of water travel these days. Kayaks are light, easy to carry, easy to learn to maneuver and they often make their way over debris and fodder in waterways that other boats and canoes simply could not get across.

Accessing intricate waterways, even at low water levels is also no problem for a kayak and it can be pulled from the water easily and stored, even camouflaged if necessary, if the terrain makes it possible. All of these attributes make it an easy choice, as does the fact that they are usually much more affordable than larger boats and canoes.

What is the Best Sit on Top Kayak?

With all of that in mind, we are going to go over six of the best sit on top kayaks that are currently available. Sit on top kayaks differ from others in that you do not sit inside the kayak, with your legs actually inside the unit, but rather on top and quite comfortably so.

Coleman Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak Review

The Coleman Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak is our next model for review. To start off, you know you are purchasing a quality item with the Coleman name. This sit on top inflatable kayak features a five minute set up time, which means you get to spend more time on the water and less in setting up fear.

The easy to carry backpack system turns into a padded seat, which is a bonus that not all kayaks carry. Constructed of rugged 21-guage PVC with a tarpaulin bottom, this kayak is strong and protected against punctures. In the event that is does somehow get punctured, however, there is the added bonus of multiple air chambers that will stay inflated, and the patented Airtight System means that it is guaranteed not to leak.

Weighing in at just 18 pounds, this kayak is extremely portable and also foldable for easier carry. The foam seat is great for keeping your bottom dry when you put in to the water, and this great item can support up to 400 pounds. Even though this model is inflatable, it still works just like a traditional sit on top kayak except that when you are ready to stop traveling the water, it folds up nicely into an integrated backpack with padded shoulder straps and fits inside your vehicle with no problems.

There is an attached cargo net on the front of this kayak so you can pack food or extra gear, and your drink will always be nearby thanks to the built in cup holder. There is also an attached lift handle, which means you can maneuver between shallow areas of water and over sandbars and the like with ease and be right back in the kayak in a moment’s notice.


Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak Review 

If you are want a tandem experience when riding kayak, this is the kayak for you. This kayak can hold two people—or even two people with a child—and a maximum of 425 pounds.

This 2 person sit on top kayak has three convenient sitting positions: bow, stern, and middle for paddling solo. This is one of the best features of this kayak. Not only can you use it as a tandem sit on top kayak, but you can still use it as a solo kayak—you aren’t stuck in the two person mode in other words.

Its hull and deck design allows for easy stacking and storage and its length and design allow you to be comfortable no matter how long your legs are.

If you are looking to tandem kayak, this is your choice.


Sun Dolphin Bali SS 12-foot Sit On Top Kayak Review

Our first model is the Sun Dolphin Bali SS 12-foot Sit On Top Kayak. This kayak tracks as well as paddles with ease while at the same time, offering maximum stability. The portable accessory carrier can be utilized for extra storage, towing behind or as a backpack for important bring along items you might not otherwise have room for.

The open cockpit not only allows for easy entry into the unit, but also for ease of staying atop the water in the event of a turn over. This takes away a lot of the worry that some people have that they might actually be trapped inside.

This seating area is large and comfortable with protective thigh pads and adjustable foot braces as well as a paddle holder, for easy storage when not in use.

Weighing in at just 48 pounds, this kayak is great for anyone who is on the go as just one person can carry it easily. This sit on kayak is great for lakes and rivers alike, this kayak is made from rugged, UV stabilized Fortiflex high-density polyethylene. The twelve-foot length, as opposed to others that are ten feet long, makes for straighter paddling ability and a greater weight capacity, which is about 250 pounds.


Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit On Top Kayak Review

Next is the Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit On Top Kayak. This kayak is available in an array of different colors including blue, lime, ocean, pink, red and tangerine so you can possibly even color match this item with your car or truck.

This model also offers the same tracking and paddling ease and maximum stability of our last model, with portable accessory carrier and a dry storage compartment, for storing items that you do not want to get wet, with a shock cord deck rigging. The same large, comfortable seating area offers thigh pads, foot braces and a paddle holder.

Made of polyethylene and weighing 44 pounds, this kayak is great for hobbyists, general boating, fishing and sightseeing. Even if you happen to fall out of this particular kayak and cannot get back on in deep water, you should be able to easily swim along, with the kayak in tow, until you get to an area where you can get back on.


Lifetime Muskie Angler Sit On Top Kayak Review

The next item is the Lifetime Muskie Angler Sit On Top Kayak. Weighing in at just over 57 pounds, this tan colored kayak is 120 inches long and features two six-inch storage compartments in both the rear and the center. Made of UV-protected high-density polyethylene with multiple footrests for all different sized people, the seat has an adjustable seat back and pad for added comfort.

There are two flush mounted fishing rod holders and one top mount fishing rod holder, front and rear t-handles for easy transport, deep hull tracking channels and front and rear shock cord straps. The 275-pound weight limit means that virtually all adults will be able to make use of this kayak. There is also a worry-free five-year limited warranty with this item.

This heavy duty sot kayak, as its name suggests, is an excellent choice for fishing. The added weight and storage allows you to bring gear and easily go fishing with friends. It is easily one of the most stable sit on top kayaks for fishing.


Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit On Top Recreational Kayak Review

Finally, we have the Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit On Top Recreational Kayak. You can get this kayak in three colors: envy, sunrise and yellow and it comes with a renowned triform hull for added stability, tracking and ease of maneuvering.

It is nine feet long and weighs just 43 pounds so it can easily be transported in the back of a pickup or on a car, and it is easy to lift and store as well. The padded Comfort Plus seat back is durable and provides support as well as four-way adjustability so that you will be comfortable enough to paddle all day no matter what your body type.

Other features include a stern tank well, removable bungees, a bow deck bungee, bow and stern carry handles, molded inside handles and a rear skid plate that is replaceable for extra durability. This kayak provides support for weights up to 325 pounds. It is responsive and stable which means it can be as playful in the surf as it is stable and well behaved on flat water. Both children and adults will be able to use this kayak with ease.


My Vote for Best Sit on Kayak

Out of these six models we have reviewed today, my personal top pick for favorite is going to be the Coleman Quikpak K1. Even though it is not a hard shell kayak, the fact that the bottom is covered for extra durability makes it easier to choose this Coleman model kayak.

The weight, the length and the fact that it folds up and can be carried like a backpack all make this a great choice for someone who is on the go and often moves from one spot to the next quickly or spontaneously. This little item gives you the ability to do all of that without the worry that you might have to use a vehicle to move your kayak. As compact as this model is, even carrying it on a bike would be fairly easy.

If you are looking for a tandem sot kayak, however, you cannot go wrong with the Ocean Kayak.