Best SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories Reviewed in 2017

Best SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories Reviewed in 2017

There are tons of awesome accessories out there that make SUP boarding a much more enjoyable experience. By purchasing the right transportation accessories, the transportation process becomes much less of a pain and allows for much more energy out on the water.

In addition to transportation, there are also important accessories that affect the performance and feel of the board such as SUP fins and SUP deck pads. Although all of these different accessories aren’t necessarily required, I’d at least like you to be aware that they exist. But, I would still highly recommend at least considering purchasing some of these along with your board.

SUP Leash

sup accessories leashIf you’re planning on paddle board surfing, it is very important to pick up a SUP leash. These keep you attached to your board at all times, even in the largest of waves. You’ll find that there are two main types of leashes available, coiled and standard. I personally prefer a coiled SUP leash because it stays out of the way and does not drag in the water.

What size SUP Leash should I get?

That’s a great question and a very common one at that. You’ll want to choose a SUP leash that is longer than the board itself. Choosing a SUP leash that is too short will cause you to be banged around by your board when you fall. A SUP leash that is too long can easily get in the way.

SUP Fins

paddle board finsSUP Fins directly affect your paddle boards stability, ability to steer and it’s tracking. Without a SUP fin you will find it pretty tough to paddle in a straight line while out on flat water. If you’re into paddle board surfing, SUP fins will prevent you from spinning out while turning.

SUP fins come in different sizes and configurations depending on what type of paddle boarding you are into.

  • Flat Water / Racing SUP fins: Most commonly you’ll see a single long fin setup for flat water. This fin configuration also works great for racing as well.
  • Surfing SUP fins: 2 + 1 three-fin setup is the most common among paddle board surfers. This setup consists of a long center fin with two smaller side fins.

Before purchasing a SUP fin, make sure it is compatible with your board.


SUP Paddle Board Roof Rack

paddle board car racksTransporting a paddle board can be a huge hassle if you own a non-inflatable board. Hanging it of the trunk can be dangerous, take up valuable trunk space and perhaps even take up the back seats if they fold down.

With a paddle board roof rack, you can easily transport a paddle board without taking up any space inside the vehicle. Depending on the SUP roof rack you choose, you can also transport several boards at once, which allows you to save the inside of the vehicle for you and your buddies plus their equipment.

If you do choose to grab a paddle board roof rack, I would also pick up a SUP bag to keep your board safe from possible dings and dents from debris.


SUP bag & SUP Carriers

paddle board strapWhy a SUP bag or Sup Carrier?

  • Protect your investment from dings and dents
  • Helps prevent heat damage
  • Makes transportation much easier

This is an accessory that I strongly recommend purchasing at the same time you purchase your new board. It’s no secret, paddle boards are not cheap and that’s why protecting your investment is important. A SUP bag will protect your board from dings, dents and scratches that can easily accumulate while transporting your board from one place to another. A SUP bag also comes with handles, which makes it double as a SUP carrier.


SUP Deck Pad

sup paddleboard deck padWhy a SUP Deck Pad?

  • Increased traction
  • Comfort
  • Weight distribution
  • Added board protection

Depending on the board you currently own or are about to purchase, it may not come with a paddle SUP deck pad. Although a it is not necessary to have one, it definitely makes your paddle boarding experience much more enjoyable. Standing on a hard surface for long periods of time will cause fatigue. Your feet and back will thank you for the cushioned surface. You’ll also get much better traction when compared to the hard slippery surface of a board without a SUP deck pad.



Like I said, not one of these SUP accessories is absolutely necessary to get started paddle boarding. However, believe me when I say that they will dramatically enhance your paddle boarding experience as well as protect your costly investment.