Top 4 Best SUP Yoga Paddle Boards Reviewed in 2017

Top 4 Best SUP Yoga Paddle Boards Reviewed in 2017

Yoga has always been a very popular practice, but it’s not until recent years that Yoga moved from land to water. This new practice is called SUP Yoga. SUP Yoga has a tremendous following and is growing at a very rapid pace, so if you’re into yoga and are looking for a new challenge, jump on a SUP board.

Why paddle board yoga?

  • Increases balance
  • Increases core strength
  • Increases range of motion
  • Relaxing and calming
  • Refines yoga poses
  • Relaxing and calming
  • A great change of scenery

Paddle Board Yoga Community

Since SUP Yoga has grown into such a popular practice, the SUP yoga community has grown and expanded all over the world. Countless paddle board Yoga studios have sprouted across the globe making it extremely join in and be a part of the every growing SUP yoga community. Once you join, your friends will be jealous and want to have a piece of the action.

What kind of SUP Yoga Paddle Board Should I get?

There are several paddle board manufacturers that offer a board that is specifically designed to work especially well with Yoga and fitness. These boards tend to be a bit wider than most paddle boards, which helps provide much better stability out on the water. Although it’s not completely necessary for you to grab a Yoga SUP, it will definitely help make staying dry a little easier especially if you’re a beginner. Otherwise, an all-around stand up paddle board that is a bit on the wider side can do the trick.

Here are some examples of some great paddle boards that will work great for SUP yoga.

Yoga 40 – Starboard SUP

best yoga paddle boardThe Yoga 40 from Starboard is an ultra-wide Yoga SUP that is specifically designed for maximum stability out in the water even when it’s choppy. This is a tremendous help for the beginner SUP yoga enthusiast.

The board measures 40” wide, 11’2” long and can handle up to nearly 290lbs. This makes it extremely comfy for a single person and still leaves plenty of room to ride tandem or practice acroyoga stances. Since this is an inflatable yoga SUP, it’s easy to transport. The Yoga 40 even comes with a spot to attach your camera to film your yoga session.


Red Paddle Co – 10’ 8” Activ

yoga paddle board reviewsThe 10’ 8” Activ is a fantastically designed premium inflatable paddle board from Red Paddle Co. The Active measures 34”wide, 10’8” long and 5.9” thick, which provides a solid sturdy experience. This is ideal for anyone who is looking for a paddle board that can deliver excellent results for yoga, pilates and any other fitness activity.

Red Paddle Co has also designed the 10’ 8” Activ with EVA deck that feels and looks like a floating yoga platform. This yoga pad makes the transition from land to water a much easier experience! The 10’ 8” Activ comes with a backpack for easy transportation, a SUP pump, repair kit, and water resistant phone case. Now all you need is a paddle and some water! 


Fly Air Fit – Fanatic SUP

yoga sup reviewsThe Fly Air Fit is personally one of my favorite yoga paddle boards mainly because of the awesome deck design and the all-around use. The Fly Air Fit measures in at 11’ long, 35” wide and 5.5” thick creating a very steady platform for yoga and pilates. The shape of the Fly Air Fit allows for great all-round performance out on the water, which is important if you’re wanting to use your paddle board for more than just fitness.

The Fly Air Fit is inflatable, which is a key feature for anyone who lives far from the water or doesn’t have a vehicle large enough to tote around a huge 11’ board. To make it even more portable, Fanatic SUP supplies their Wheely-Backpack and Power Pump for easy inflation and transportation.


Tower Paddle Boards – Adventurer iSUP Package – 9’10”

towerboard inflatable paddle boardsAlthough this board is not necessarily designed for SUP yoga, its measurements still allow for a decently comfortable paddle board yoga experience. If you’re on a tight budget, I would suggest going this route. If you’d like more info on the Adventurer iSUP Package 9’10”, check out the Tower Paddle boards Home page.



If you’re into yoga and are looking for something a little different or new challenge, SUP yoga is the way to go. Although any of these boards would be a great choice, I would pick up a Fly Air Fit by Fanatic SUP. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a premium inflatable paddle board that is perfect yoga but will still serve as a great all around board!